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If you have not yet enrolled in our courses, read this section. If you have enrolled, you may want to skip to the next section

In what format are the courses taught?

All of our courses are taught through our online forum. You will be able to read through the lessons and then respond to any lesson at any point of the course. Instructors are monitoring the forum throughout the day and will respond to you very quickly, often within minutes.

I have a busy schedule. I am worried about missing the lessons. Can these courses fit into my schedule?

You can access the lessons twenty-four hours per day throughout the duration of your course.

Which course should I take?

We currently have three courses:

1. Beginner – Currency Trading
2. Intermediate – Trading the Majors
3. Advanced – Day Trading Course

If you are new to the FX market, you should start with the Currency Trading Course. This introductory course was designed to provide you with a solid foundation and understanding of the fx market. New traders are introduced to general fundamental and technical analysis of the market as well as very specific guidelines for risk management.

If you have already acquired the basic knowledge of the fx market and are comfortable trading currencies, then you are ready for our intermediate level Trading the Majors and advanced level Day Trading course. However, Trading the Majors should be where you look next.

The Trading the Majors course will take you to the next trading level. Along with more in-depth instruction about what drives major currencies such as the EUR, GBP and JPY. This course will also provide you with specific strategies that have been developed and tested by true trading professionals.

Lastly, our advanced Day Trading Course is for experienced traders looking to get an edge in intra-day FX trading. You would gain insight into professional traders’ approach to short-term price analysis, with a focus on 5 and 15 minute charts. In addition, more trading strategies and models are introduced in this course, including scalping, news trading and short-term range trading.

What if I decide later the course isn't working for me?

Simple. We have a money back guarantee.

How does the money back guarantee work?

Throughout the first 10 days of the course, if you are not completely satisfied, we will give you your money back no questions asked.

Section for existing students.

How do I access the course?

To access the course, please refer to the Login Information email you have received from us at the time of your purchase. If you have not receive this email in your inbox, we suggest you search your Junk or Spam folders as emails may be forwarded to such boxes due to unrecognizable email addresses.

How do I navigate through the course?

Once you have clinked on the link to access the course and have entered your username and password, you have entered into the online course. To continue, click into the ONLINE CLASSROOM and the lessons will appear on your screen. To view each lesson, click on LESSON 1 and the complete lesson will be displayed. There will be various sections to this lesson and you access each one by clicking into each individual sub-section. The first sub-section (A) Message From The Instructor ) will assist you further on what to expect and will show you how to access the Instructors and ask any and all questions relating to the course.

How do I post a Question or Reply?


1. Scroll to the bottom of the lesson subcategory
2. Click on Post Reply
3. Type your question or reply in the message box
4. Post an attachment by scrolling down to the Manage Attachments button then upload your file from your computer or from an URL

I have received an error message that my course is not active, what should I do?

Please note that each of our courses are scheduled on a specified time frame depending on the course. Please refer to your Login Information email to view the time frame of the course and the date of your purchase. The course commenced immediately at the time of your purchase. If the course has ended, your access has been deactivated.

I have submitted my request to receive a Certificate of Completion and have not yet received it?

Your Certificate of Completion is sent to your email address. If you have not come across this email in your inbox, we suggest you search your Junk or Spam folders as emails may be forwarded to such boxes due to unrecognizable email addresses. If you need assistance in getting a copy of your Certificate of Completion, please contact us.

When will my course be shipped to my home address?

All of our courses are online and nothing will be shipped to your home address.

I was busy and therefore was unable to complete the course. What should I do?

We do understand that there may be unforeseen events that may hinder a student from taking advantage of our courses. Therefore, we do offer as a ONE-TIME courtesy the ability to reschedule a class so that you are able to complete the course using the online features. To reschedule your class, please contact us.

I am having difficulties viewing the videos.

Please make sure that you have cleared all of your cookies from your Internet Connection as this may prevent you from viewing the video clearly. If you are using Internet Explorer, to clear your cookies, you must go to Tool - Internet Options - Delete Cookies. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you must go to Tool - Options - Privacy and Clear Cookies Now.

Additional Solutions:

a. Make sure you have Flash downloaded. You can get that here:
You will have to restart your computer.
b. Also, you may need to switch browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to switch to Mozilla Firefox or if you are using Mozilla Firefox you may need to switch to Internet explorer.
c. You may also need to update your Microsoft XP to Service Pack 2. Internet Explorer may believe that the Flash video is a virus attack and block pieces of essential data.
d. In addition, make sure you are not running any other program in the background that could be draining bandwidth.
e. If you right click the center of the screen while the video is showing you can also reduce the quality to reduce bandwidth demand.
f. You may need to use another computer as the challenges may be unique to your machine. Also make sure you have any pop-up blockers disabled. If this doesn't help, you may have to try a different computer.
g. Try adjusting your screen resolution:

PC Instructions: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Settings > Screen Resolution > More

MAC Instructions: Apple Menu (top left) > System Preferences > Displays > Resolution