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Intermediate course - Trading the Majors
Have you been trading with the consistency you desire? Perhaps there is something you are missing that is keeping you from developing successful trading strategies?

For traders with basic knowledge of the FX market, we offer this intermediate course to help you take your trading to the next level. Along with more in-depth instruction about what drives major currencies, this course provides you with specific strategies that have been developed and tested by true trading professionals.

This 60-day course includes videos, interactive discussions and quizzes. Login at your convenience, download lessons to your computer and access instructors 24-hours a day.

Course price: $299

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Trading the Majors Course
  1. Commonly Used Indicators and Trending vs. Range Markets
  2. Trading EUR: Trading Strategy and News Events
  3. Trading GBP: Trading Strategy EUR/GBP Rate Comparison
  4. Trading JPY: Trading Strategy and Carry Trade
  5. Psychology of Trading and Money Management Techniques